Training Programs

Strength Training

No matter what experience level you are, if you have never even picked up a weight before, we have a program we can create for you. If you're experienced, it's the same principle. Our goals are to create long lasting changes through training that keeps you engaged and excited to continue. Retention to any fitness plan is key to getting long term success. 

When it comes to building strength, hard work is just one way to get to the end goal. Working hard is extremely important, but without the right strategy and knowledge you may be running in the wrong direction. When you first visit with us, a consultation will show us just what types of things we need to focus on to get to your main goals. Know your specific mindset, as well your personal experience level will allow us to craft an entire training program for you. 

When we begin training, we will look for weak points and mobility issues to strengthen and fix. We will teach you proper form for completing various exercises including exercises like the bench press, squat and shoulder exercises. Again, the use of specific exercises will be determined by your goals and the best way to achieve them. 

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Cardiovasuclar  Training

When it comes to building a sweat and getting your heart rate up, nothing beats a good cardio workout. Our programs are designed to increase your speed, endurance and mobility. We have access to various types of cardio equipment and utilize different forms of training protocols to get you to the level of fitness that you desire. Not only does cardio help to increase blood flow and improve balance, but it also helps increase cognitive function. Studies show that exercise like this actually helps to increase the growth of new brain cells. Endorphin are also a big factor in allowing you to physically feel better, long after the workouts are finished. Many of our clients enjoy the therapeutic aspects of these sessions. 

Mobility Work 

Stretching and mobility are a large part of keeping yourself nimble, and flexible. It is something other trainers tend to ignore. However, the ability to have your entire body working together plays an important role in increasing your ability to lift more weight,move faster and increase balance.

Personalized care

We understand that everyone is different, which is why we put so much time into crafting specifically tailored workouts for you. If you have an injury that prevents you from doing specific movements, we will can work on rehabilitation, while doing other exercises that dont put you at risk for further injury. Injury prevention is one of the biggest goals that we have. It not only slows down progress, but it can leave you discouraged and less eager to keep going on with your training. It's also not hard to prevent injury, when you're performing exercise routines correctly and within your own level of performance. Our experience levels allow us to push our clients, without risking their health. 

Schedule an consultation with us today, to get you started on building the strongest version of you.