Nutrition Programs

Our Mission

Medical and health costs in this country are rising each and everyday. Obesity rates all around the world are at some of the highest levels we have ever seen. Low quality, cheap food is abundant and confusing nutritional information is just as plentiful. Thankfully, delicious and healthy food is just as abundant and affordable. Our goal as Philadelphia trainers is to get the correct information out there for our clients, so they can live healthy, enjoyable lives.  

Getting The Right Information

Unfortunately, there is so much noise in the fitness industry that it has been so confusing for people who are looking to go on healthy fat loss programs to get the results that they are looking for. The solution is quite simple. By using data that is already available through long term scientific studies, the understandings of physiology and tracking of each clients personal adaptations to the program, we are able to get the results that you are actually looking for. 

Being Very Specific With Your Goals

When you set any type of goal, whether it is a financial, relationship or fitness goal, you need to be specific about what you want. Whether it's getting better results at the doctors office, or losing 50lbs, what gets measured gets managed. You can't manage what you don't specifically layout for yourself. Don't worry though, as personal trainers, it is our job to help you define those goals and then reach them. 



Designing The Right Program For You 

You may have heard of different types of nutrition programs being praised by various health professionals. Some promote diets like Paleo, some promote low carb diets, others swear by high carbohydrate diets and low fat. The problem with being dedicated to promoting any one type of diet is that fact that all people have different genetics, health goals and lifestyles. What works for one person who works behind a computer, might not be fully optimal for someone doing construction all day long. This is why doing specifically tailored plans for each and every person that we work with is so important. 

There are certain levels of nutrients that we all require. Specific foods that are more nutritionally dense than other, vitamins that give you optimal performance that we want to be sure you're are not deficient in. Giving you the blueprint and most importantly different options that best fit your own life, is what we are most proud of.